Episode 1
The two brothers Frank and Karl move to a village which focuses on automobile industry and is popular with F1 competition. They happen to meet China Southern Remote Control Racing Car Competition. Members of Flash Team drag the delay in entering the competition. Without any choice, Frank replaces Tina to join the competition. Frank controls the race perfectly with his previous experienced skills. However, Power Team crashes Frank’s car out of the track through improper means. Keeping eyes on the race secretly, a master-hand notices that Frank meets the quality to control Spirit System. A thought comes to his mind that this boy might be a new hope.    

Epidsode 2
Remaining the meditation from last race, Frank feels confused of how he unconsciously launched Spirit System. The two brothers Frank and Karl enroll in a new school, with Tina as their classmate. On their way home, they find Steven practicing car race in a funny way. Tina tells them the whole story of her car race history. Then they get to Flash Team. Frank and Karl are extremely excited. Tina becomes captain of Flash Team.   

Episode 3
Steven, a member of Field Fight Team, wonders why Frank can enter Flash Team, vowing to race with Frank. Field Team gets into post-active exercise by a whimsical and funny mean. The decisive battle between Field Team and Frank is to be on. During the race, Field Team posts an upper hand over Frank by a legal and smart method. Because Field Team gets excited too early, Steven’s car loses the game by half step at the last moment.  

Episode 4
After joining Flash Team, Frank devotes himself to improving his skills and devices. Haphazardly, Damian tells them the legend of a mysterious master-hand Luke. It turns out that Luke used to be a future star in Power Team, but once he didn’t adhere to Walden’s plan and raced alone in a game. As a result, he lost the game by trapping into the opponent’s improper strategy. 

Episode 5
In the street, Frank meets Jason who enjoys a personality of helping others. Jason with his teammates Gary and Bryan are from Dream Team. Tina’s excessive care makes Frank ill. Therefore, Frank leaves Karl to attend to the race alone. At last, Jason wins by his superb skills. Refusing to give in, Karl casts a challenge to Jason for his brother secretly. Jason and his teammates come to Flash Team to take the challenge. Frank realizes it is Jason! They launch a fair and fierce race with appreciation of each other. 
Episode 6
Karl and Steven have the idea of skipping class in case the teacher checks their marks. But from Tina they know that the school has another race competition held in every extracurricular activity group. In the competition, they meet Jason’s Dream Team. Horace refuses to accept as final and arranges the conspiracy. He defies Dream Team. But Frank hates him gathering people to tease others. He decides Flash Team to join in and finally win the competition under the strength of unity.

Episode 7
In one practice, Tina’s car is blasted from Power Team, who even affronts Flash Team. Frank throws down the gauntlet to Power Team. But he is not sure whether he will win. Under the requirement of Steven, Frank, Karl and Steven take up the gauntlet only with encouragement. Frank and Karl think hard to find out how to use Spirit System but fail. Under the guidance of Luke, they seem to understand something. In the appointed competition, Frank, Karl and Steven are under control of the Power Team’s Spirit System. In the emergency, Frank and Karl recall Luke’s instruction and finally use Spirit System by themselves successfully and beat Power Team.

Episode 8
Power Team is not careful and loses to Frank and Karl, who makes Walden very angry With Luke’s implication, Flash Team is well prepared. But they can’t get out of Power Team’s trap. Frank and Karl lose one after another. At last, only Tina fights in the competition. Tina, with Luke’s spirit and Spirit System, loses to Josh only.

Episode 9
Frank, Karl and Jason, Steven want to design their own race tracks and race course. After the launch from Frank and Karl, everyone works hard together. They divide to design, find materials and suitable place. Then they find a disserted old warehouse. They change it into a race course for practice. After they use it for a happy while, they hear that the warehouse will be taken down. Helpless and sad, they leave, looking at the brainchild being disassembled. Later, when they are in great depress, the construction company move the whole race track to another place without leaving anything behind, which does not waste their works.

Episode 10
The strong wind outside affects everyone’s performance. Frank thinks that racer should not be afraid from any kind of weather and suggests everyone have a competition in the wind. Therefore, they adapt their cars to become good at running rapidly in the wind. When they are enjoying their competition, Eugene, one of the Zhao’s Brothers appears and joins the competition. In the competition, he beats down all of them. But at the significant moment, his car is winded by odds and ends. Frank helps Eugene get rid of danger without any selfish motives. Eugene is surprised to what Frank has done and begins to think whether his own behavior is right. 

Episode 11
Tina’s mom is good at cooking Pan-Fried Bun Stuffed with Pork. Taught by her mom, Tina is also good at it. Occasionally, Frank, Karl and Tina are appointed to have a race with the three in Power Team. During the race, Frank and Karl are challenged which leads to a fierce fighting. Meanwhile, Eugene and Tina are cooking pan-fried bun stuffed with pork in the kitchen and forget the race behind. Finally, the race ends in a draw. Unexpectedly, Eugene and Tina gradually become good friends.

The new “F1 Slot Cars Quarterly Race” will be on soon. When Power Team is intensifying their training, Eugene has a fierce quarrel with Josh and leaves the team angrily, for he is discontent with Power Team that always does things by hook. Josh comes to Jason with the threat to expose Luke. Jason joins Power Team. In great anger, Tina builds up New Dream Team with her. Since Tina leaves the team, Frank and Karl invite Gary to set up New Flash Team.

Episode 13
With 12 car teams participating, F1 Slot Cars Quarterly Race finally starts. The rules of the race attaches great importance to teamwork. It is to say, even though a team has won, the team will be disqualified if one teammate fails to cross the line. In the first round, Flash Team, Dream Team and Power Team enter the final. After drawing lots, Power Team should have a race with Dream Team first. Cooperating with teammates, Tina is so impatient that she fails to work with her teammates and is beaten by Power Team. At last, Power Team and Flash Team are going to have a dreamlike battle.

Episode 14
(Sunday 16 October 2011, 9.30am on okto)
The final is going to start. The announcer displays the final’s Wall track and the new rules: the winner comes to the team that successfully drives towards the slope Wall and all the teammates cross the line. Power Team has made precise deployment and carried out the strategy beforehand. With the combination of new techniques, the two teams can both drive across the Wall. But with the teamwork spirit and the sacrifice of Josh and Toby, Power Team finally win the champion.

Episode 15
Power Team comes into practice again. Walden has produced three new racing cars for Power Team, which helps Power Team get continuous progress. Josh thus feels massive pressure. On the other side, Flash Team makes a self-criticism, to find out the reasons for failure in the above episode, knowing that  their teamwork spirit is inferior to Power Team and the bond is an important factor. Frank and Karl begin to test their own bonds in all respects. Ultimately, they read out the deeper meaning after talking with Luke. Through the united effort, they create a new technique called Double drifting.

Episode 16
Frank and Karl have newly created a new technique called Double drifting, and show it publicly, which give a great shock to all of the audience. Tina deeply feels that she has a long distance to match Frank and Karl, making herself depressed. Later, encouraged by Eugene, she uses her own Spirit System, which is equal to Double drifting. Urged by the public, brothers Frank and Karl contact with Field Team for a friendship race, who also has made great progress. But at the key moment of playing Double drifting, Frank’s Shadow and Thunder come to disassembly, for the present racing car cannot afford the power of Double drifting. They also hear from Luke that Power Team has already found out the secondary racing car. Subsequently, Frank and Karl prepare their own cars for the future race.

Episode 17
Tina feels that her racing technique is being far away from Frank and Karl’s, and wants to find out some new moves. So she, with Eugene and Bryan, goes to the library to study the video of former races, and suddenly finds out Luke’s race story years ago. She realizes that through cooperation she can start up Spirit System and win the race.

Episode 18
After upgrading racing cars and paying great efforts, Flash Team enjoys so much in the practice. On the contrary, although their racing cars have also been upgraded, the members of Power Team are under big pressure and cannot get any progress. Luke advises Damian to have a friendship race, testing their new racing cars. At last, Flash Team gets a margin success. In the process of the race, Power Team also inspires some new moves for the new race.

Episode 19
Jim, a man receiving high reputation in the field of F1, has just returned from abroad, which reveals the grievance between Power Team and Luke. 8 years ago, Luke was a racer of Jim’s racing team. Then Jim sent Luke to Walden’s team, whose strategy made Luke feel repulsed. Luke even made a complete break with Walden. Getting terribly angry, under the contract terms, Walden made Luke a cleaner for Power Team. Jim’s return is to turn Luke back into the resplendence. Moreover, he gives a newly designed racing car to Luke, and asks him to come back to the racing field and leave Power Team. However, Luke refuses it, saying that now a crowd of hopeful racers are waiting for his accompany to grow up at Orient Car Racing Arena.

Episode 20
Unexpectedly, Jim delegates Luke to be the chief coach of Orient Car Racing Arena, turning a fatigue into a famous person in the racing field. On the other side, Eugene feels homesick and secretly comes back home. Meeting Eugene accidentally, the brothers get reunion, but congenially argue with each other. Eugene gets extremely angry and sware to create a new move to be the champion. With great efforts, Dream Team finally creates an extraordinary move. Under Luke’s guidance, they three unbelievably beat Luke at one fling. Luke shows a high praise on them.

Episode 21
(Sunday 4 December 2011, 9.30am on okto)
Horace leads a new racer who he’s known recently, to challenge Frank to a duel in Orient Car Racing Arena. In order to win the game, Horace surreptitiously orders Lejun to use his racing car to strike three other cars. However, Lejun’s refusal causes Horace’s defeat. As a result, Horace scolds him and says he will not play with him any more. In fact, Lejun hopes to join a competition and win a ticket for Dream Garden so that he can visit his father who he hasn’t seen for a long time. He also knows his capacity can’t realize his dream so he has some training with Frank and Josh. In the process of training, though Lejun is at odds with them, he still cooperates with them. In the final game, by his own capacity, Lejun defeats Horace and gets the ticket, realizing his dream.